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Glasgow sound/art/performance collective  

85A are a tight-knit brood of multidisciplinary artists. With their own crossover brand of visual art, music and performance, and with 20 provocative shows since 2008, they have established themselves as Glasgow's most irreverent cultural agitators. They are consolidated in their belief that work ought to reveal itself by non-conformist means: an ongoing theme being the presentation of art projects in disused buildings, forgotten spaces, and the ‘sideways’ of man’s environment…… allowing the audience to confront an alternative, hidden pathway through the glistening alleys of experimental-experience.

They have engaged a wide array of audiences with such shows as: a cinematic ghost train, a wheatgrass wig barbershop, a mechanical opera, a seabound musical film shoot featuring giant cannibal rats, a seedbombing puppet show, a charlatanesque Victorian lecture, expanded film screenings, theatrical concerts, various states of undress, a human sacrifice ritual and an industrial horror chase movie.



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