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Glasgow sound/art/performance collective  

Cargo, Camera... Action! - seabound musical film shoot & outdoor cinema
Clydeside Commonwealth Promenade

Filming the story of a seemingly abandoned salvage ship, crewed by mutant cannibal rats under the command of a salty captain, as it scours the flotsam and jetsam of the deep murky Commonwealth Ocean for mysterious treasures... with live score.

26 July 2014    

Dark Behaviour - festival closing party
The Arches

An immersive triptych of masked ambiguity, despair and distortion...cast through an unforgiving lens as 85A and a cohort of allies wildly embrace each nook of Glasgow’s notorious cavern, bathing shadow in shadow. 

2nd May 2014    

Renegade Maskerrade - party and Chernozem Edinburgh premiere

'CHERNOZEM' Unfurling its black wings over the Eastern coast... casting a cinematic shadow as trenchant and visceral as they come!
Culminating in an explosive barrage of highly charged live performances, knee-dropping music and blood pulsing DJs.

6 Dec 2013    

Herbaceous barbershop - Wheatgrass wig stylists - Venue at music festival
Boomtown Festival

Ever fancied a Wheatgrass Mohawk, Chelsea-Cut, or Pompadour? Grab a drink and settle into the chair, then tremble before the awesome styling power of the barber’s hedge-trimmer! The clippings? Juice them down for a smoothie!

9-11 Aug 2013    

Chernozem - Film Premiere and Renegade Maskerrade launch party
Glasgow Film Theatre
The Flying Duck

85A unleashed a cinematic barrage with the premiere of ‘CHERNOZEM’ - Judd Brucke’s debut industrial horror film - which kicked off with a dystopian masquerade party at The Flying Duck, then rocketed the audience towards the GFT in a riotous parade - followed by a total rinse-out back at the ‘Duck

29 March 2013    

The Crusher - Human Sacrifice Ritual
Secret Garden Party Festival

85A's clan of Mu-Mu have been bunkered down in The Secret Garden Party festival field since the previous year. A prophecy did predict the revelers’ Halcyon return, a weekend of bountiful plenty where thousands will once again descend and make sacrifices to Master Mu-Mu. Sacrifice... or be sacrificed!

19-21 July 2012    

CHERNOZEM:KINO! - cinematic ghost train / 85A's self-produced film
The Glue Factory

Literally taken on a surreptitious ride through a series of scenes from the film within a large-scale post-industrial environment. Expect mesmerizing mechanical kinetic sculptures, immersive set design, intense lighting + projection, pummeling live music and rapid-fire performance…with the terrified cinéaste ultimately ‘projected’ into the film itself!

21 apr-5 May 2012    

VOLTAGE+VITALISM - Electric Vaudevillian lecture
Kelvingrove Museum

The Victorian Era: the stately, serene, slow march of science, or a time of cons, charlatans and swindlers?
Allow Dr. William Bodie MD to unveil live before you his latest breakthrough invention. Prepare, friends, to be amazed, astonished, astounded by the technological innovation of the future: electricity!

3 Mar 2012    

85A presents: JAN SVANKMAJER - immersive short films screening event
The Glue Factory

For Glasgow Film Festival 2012' "Crossing the line" program, 85A ecstatically present the work of genius Czech filmmaker, Jan Svankmajer, in all its demented glory!

a night at the megaplex, this is not! Přijít! Vidět! Slyšet!

23-24 Feb 2012    

A PHESTIVE PHANTOMIME- Panto-styled music festival

‘A Phestive Phantomime’ is the hugely anticipated two-day Xmas festival down in the depths of Stereo from your loving folks The Phantom Band.
85A will be transforming the venue into an old, burnt down and haunted Victorian theatre replete with proscenium arches, ghostly ushers, and unleashing none other than the antithesis of Saint Nicholas himself..

16-17 Dec 2011    

The Berkeley Suite

This Hallow’s Eve, descend into an underground licentious dream that defies expectations…

Effortlessly incorporating the decadence, mystique and immorality of a classic masquerade into a hedonistic night of: Dangerously seductive ‘occult sex music for insomniacs’;crackling, bloody tales from the blackest heart of the German woods;and pulsating, dirty beats that writhe along your thighs…

29 Oct 2011    

Fesco the Giant - Seedbombing Puppet show
Glasgow Harvest 2011


A re-worked tale of Jack and the Beanstalk will be told using the classic storytelling device of a Punch & Judy style puppet show.

10 Sept 2011    

Idimov and the Dancing Girl - Mechanical Opera
Glue Factory (glasgow)
Secret Garden Party Festival

Roll up! roll up!
Glasgow's latest attraction
a spell binding multisensory kinetic theatre featuring stunning auto-music machines opens its doors for a one off performance of its warped primal opera
'Idimov and the Dancing Girl'

step inside!


July 2011    

Burst Leatherette - New year party
Winchester Club (Glasgow)  

There NEVER WAS a New Year’s party like this before baby. I mean people going mental for those stonkin’ Dj sets with that big beat, yessir, which would make even Colossus shudder, chung-de-chung-de-chung. And who the hell was that band?!? They were fucking brilliant man, never seen anything like that before!

31 Dec 2010    

Buzz or Howl - Gallery show
Woodmill gallery

For ‘Buzz or Howl’ 85A propose to eat sawdust and have you watch. Or rather, like Svankmajer’s White Rabbit our seams have split, dusty insides pouring into the dirt furrows of the world. And even though you see this odd creature and recognize that it’s not bleeding for real –only a grotesque allusion to the act itself- you still shudder at the prospect of having to replenish one’s own guts with a very large spoon.

10-26 sept 2010    

Herbaceous Barbershop - Punk hairdressers at urban growing festival
Glasgow Harvest  

Stroll on into our cozy little barbershop, settle yourself into our automated barber's chair, and select a 'punk herb cap' of your choice for your new hair-do...which is both a wicked fashion accessory and most importantly, a darn decent way to maximise growing space in our increasingly over-crowded urban environment.

28 aug 2010    

Sonic Soak - 2 Day music festival in disused Edwardian baths
Govanhill Baths

‘A Sonic Soak’: an ambitious, celebratory and provocative musical experience set against the crumbling edifice of a historic building which has lain derelict for the past decade. Featuring a kaleidoscopic shoal of bands, sound artists, orators, costumed performers, sculptures and local film makers in the echoing acoustics of the cavernous Govanhill Baths.

21-22 aug 2010    


The Orzel - Submarine Film performance  
The old hairdresser's


Taking their lead from the industrial naval might of the Orzel, the pounding barrage of depth charges, and the eerie presence of sonar, 85A have created The ORZEL film performance: an expanded cinema experience involving the screening of a re-edited version of the original film with a new musical soundscape performed live, all within the confines of a claustrophobic submarine set-piece.

5-7 Nov 2009
Der Student Von Prag - Live soundtrack & bespoke theatre
The Now Museum


A new score composition and live performance for Stellan Rye 1913's masterpiece- considered to be one of the first example of expressionistic horror cinema. Taking place in a specially built set at The Now Museum, a reclaimed warehouse in Partick.

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08 Nov 2008