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Glasgow sound/art/performance collective   Idimov and the dancing girl>>

31 Dec 2010  

Winchester Club - Glasgow


There NEVER WAS a New Year’s party like this before baby. I mean people going mental for those stonkin’ Dj sets with that big beat, yessir, which would make even Colossus shudder, chung-de-chung-de-chung. And who the hell was that band?!? They were fucking brilliant man, never seen anything like that before! And the crowd, I mean all the gals in their crazy get-ups, hair-to-the-ceiling., legs to the sky (pwoah!), and the dudes, did you ever see so much leather? When Anson said 85A were gonna do things a l’il far gone to rah-rah the ‘Bells in she wasn’t kidding! I mean actually. The Winchester invited you in, swallowed you under, and took over your sweaty soul…and kicked you into the New Dawn with a sly grin, leaving you to ponder what that was all about?!? I mean, did you ever have such a gas? For real. Whoosh! That was top kicks baby! I mean…that was 85A’s BURST LEATHERETTE NEW YEAR’S THROW DOWN!!”


Bands line up:
Sparkling Shaddaz (Glasgow surf band)
The Swimming Pools (NYC electro)

Djs: Neil D, Robbie, Lady P, Spudd, Fist, Deedomax, Andy Wake, Jackall

PA by Radar James
Dot matrix screen by Acid Raft
Dildos and printing by Haras