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9 July 2011  

The Glue Factory - Glasgow
22-24 July 2011
The Secret Garden Party festival


Roll-up! rol-l-l up! Ladies an’ Gentlemen! Tonight, under the big-top, 85A is proud to present a spellbinding, multisensory, kinetic theatre performance: their very own warped version of primal opera! My good people, I unveil to you… an electric spectacle of unparalleled beauty… Mesdames et Messieurs:
'Idimov and the Dancing Girl'!!

Yes! That’s right! Featuring: stunning auto-music machines of unsurpassed wonder, gods and mortals locked in a fierce spiral of passion, breathtaking majestic alpine vistas, poetry of a mellifluous nature, and delirious tunnels of infinity… finity… inity…! You might even, if you’re one of the lucky few, catch sight of a ‘Mu-Mu’ or two: that strange breed of creature with burlap sacks for heads and xylophones for hearts. Bravo my good man of the silver-spooned stratum -step inside. Yes, step in-side my languid ladies of Elysium leisure…
Those with heart conditions: please be warned!