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28 aug 2010  

part of Glasgow Harvest
Hidden Gardens- Tramway


A most idealistic and exciting (not to mention tasty!) experience awaits the patrons of 85A's Herbaceous Barbershop at Glasgow Harvest this summer. Stroll on into our cozy little barbershop, settle yourself into our automated barber's chair, and select a 'punk herb cap' of your choice for your new hair-do...which is both a wicked fashion accessory and most importantly, a darn decent way to maximise growing space in our increasingly over-crowded urban environment. Picture this: You could get your 'cress Chelsea-cut' fringe trimmed a little at the front...and then just let the zesty, fresh green clippings tumble right on into your home-grown garden salad!
See you at the Barbershop on the 28th August for a herb-cut with a punk soundtrack and some top seasoning tips. How can one resist? After all, who hasn't ever wanted a chive Mohawk? Punk appetite!