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21-22 Aug 2010  

Govanhill baths- Glasgow

Get ready for an experimental plunge into the tiled depths of this disused Edwardian swimming pool.  Joining us for this swimathon are a kaleidoscopic shoal of musicians, sound artists, orators, costumed performers, sculptures and local filmmakers.

With the cavernous, echoing acoustics of the main pool in mind, we have put together a line-up of massively talented artists from the local area, wider Scotland and further a field, who, over the weekend are going drench us with their own unique audio maelstrom. Expect to hear bizarre sounds the likes of which you’ve never heard and familiar sounds in wholly unexpected way.

a free/ ticketed event.

Saturday music by: Skizzwang, Jim Colquhoun, Williwaw, Sarah Kenchington, George Murray, Konx-om-Pax. Peter Nicholson, Spirit Animullz, Billy Boyd, Perfumed Head, RM Hubbert, Dave Tunstall, Prosthetics, The International, Tut Vu Vu

Sunday music by: Jack Wrigley, The Parsonage, Mark Hesling, Moshy Wader, A Rhythmtic, Craig Bayne, Jim Singing Cat, 2nd Conservatory Extension, 1.21 Gigawatts, Jamie Grier, Dave Peron & The Bistro Band, Jen Sykes, Graeme Ronald (Remember Remember)

Art and films by: Acidraft, Judd Brucke, Sarah Milne, Simon Yuill, Alan Stanners and August Krogan Roly

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A Grand Wizzard of "The Lost Order of The Knights of Wang" Skizzwang attempts to make spontaneous musick using cheap plastic instruments and a loop pedal. It has also been known to bang on things in a timely fashion and looks mighty weird in a ball gown.

Jim Colquhoun
Jim Colquhoun's work unfolds around an engagement with place and space and the subsequent experiences and research this engenders. This means engaging with a particular place both literally and figuratively, but it is also often an attempt to deconstruct the common perception of history as a linear narrative form. He views these activities as a form of divination, wherein he tries to filter a particular place through the lens of his own subjectivity. He is drawn Instinctively to the margins, whether they be cultural, political, psychological, social or spatial and very much wants to blur the boundaries between art and life, fiction and fact, history and myth. The work exhibits a kind of skewed and ironic romanticism – the solitary walker, auto didacticism, hermeticism, religious and occult motifs, exoticism are all bound up together and coarsened by being shoved into close proximity with popular culture, often in the form of pulp fiction, para-political speculation and dubious folklores of one kind or another.

Williwaw is a violent squall, and also a sonic maelstrom produced by the two hands, two feet, four strings, and many forms of amplification under the direction of Bill Whitmer. Since a rainy day in Champaign, Illinois in 1994, williwaw has, as Monica Kendrick wrote, “nimbly piloted his unlikely vehicle into uncharted territory again and again, making pulsating, variegated, beautiful noise” (Chicago Reader, 2006).

Sarah Kenchington
Sarah Kenchington builds her own remarkable mechanical instruments, including a pedal-powered hurdy-gurdy, a giant rotating kalimba and her own brass band, powered by tractor inner-tubes. She is indeed an inventor of musical instruments. She performs regularly with her marvelous and bizarre creations around the UK. She is also a member of 'The Book of Beasts' alongside Shane Connolly, and Daniel Padden of 'Volcano the Bear' and 'The One Ensemble'.

George Murray
George Murray plays trombone and piano, and enjoys writing and performing music. He also works as a music therapist.

Konx-om-Pax is 25 year old Glasgow based Artist Tom Scholefield. In recent years worked with Warp Records, DFA Records, No-Fun Productions, Underground Resistance, Universal Everything and Optimo Espacio.

Peter Nicholson
Peter Nicholson is a cellist/improviser/songwriter. His solo work mixes songs/compositions with free improvisation; in both forms the voice has become an integral part of his practice and performance, either as an independent melodic line or as a textural extension of the cello.
Peter also plays in The One Ensemble, the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO), in a duo with saxophonist Raymond Macdonald, and as part of a guitar / cello / electronics trio, The Age of Wire and String. He has recently finished a solo album titled ‘shutters drawn’.

Spirit Animullz
" Uno monsieur de la fidgety Drone, dinosaur explosions et la magic marker from 2dogs."

Billy Boyd
Glasgow singer and songwriter.

Perfumed Head
Perfumed Head is Jamie McNeil from Glasgow.

RM Hubbert
Ex El Hombre Trajeado guitarist doing an instrumental, melancholy, flamenco based sketch.

Dave Tunstall
Dave Tunstall has been a musician since the age of 4, beginning with the piano.  He went on to study the piano double bass at RSAMD Glasgow and later Drawing and Painting at The Glasgow School of Art.  Over the years, Dave has played with various Symphony Orchestras, jazz, rock and experimental pop ensembles.  Currently he plays with Glasgow’s ‘The John Langan Band’, as well as London-based Adam Beattie and the Consultants, and he recently performed as part of the 'Orzel' film performance with 85a collective & Lowsalt.

Glasgow DIY drum scene.

The International
Experimental Liverpool four piece on drums, bass, organ/baritone and guitar.
Loud underground rock music featuring members of Monkey Steals The Drum, Kling Klang and Part Chimp.

Tut Vu Vu
Tut Vu Vu are Raydale Dower, Matthew Black and Jamie Bolland.



Jack Wrigley
Jack Wrigley is an artist living and working in Glasgow. He has recently performed as part of 85A’s Orzel and at the Le Drapeau Noir.
Jack will be playing his unique self-built Glass Armonica along to Apollo 11 lift off communications.
Jack is a member of 85A.

Named in honour of country music pioneer, Mr. Gram Parsons, the 40 strong Parsonage is an innovative, self-taught, super choir of musical speculators who are certainly not for church. Their rousing repertoire takes in everything from country gems and traditional folk to modern classics. Singing it like they really mean it, The Parsonage deliver heartfelt renditions of Gram Parsons, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane and Joy Division. Supporting Rod Stewart at Hampden Park they were applauded by The Glasgow Herald as being, ‘an outbreak of good taste’ and they raised a stir from T in The Park’s main stage in Summer 2009. The Parsonage will wrestle with your heartstrings and raise passions. Expect to see grown men weep.

Mark Hesling
Mark Hesling is the community garden development officer for the woodlands community garden, and likes to make up and play piano songs.

Moshy Wader
Part-time shoe salesman and self-proclaimed "chakra burglar" Moshy has been quietly subverting a variety of Glaswegian institutions since 1492. For this current project, Wader uses processed recordings from the nostrils of the Iberian Desman (Galemys Pyrenaicus) to create an immersive sonic environment that stands both as a aural metaphor of Ouroboros eating its own arsehole and a timely metaphysical criticism of the state of public funding in Scotland today.
Not suitable for those of a fragile disposition.

A Rhythmtic
A Rhythmtic is Ben Ashton and Iban Perez of The Sparkling Shadazz.

Craig Bayne
Craig Bayne is a writer who lives and works in Glasgow.
In addition to writing for the economic think-tank 'Ecopol' - where his work on The Republic of Ireland was cited by the Chilean Foreign Minister Sr. Alejandro Foxley Rioseco - his fiction has been published in Berlin's 'The 5%', America's 'ML Press' and the international 'Caledonian Review'. In book format, his work has appeared in several short story collections, including 'Stolen Stories' and 'The Golden Hour'. His chapbook 'The Island' was published in 2009 by Forest.

Jim Singing Cat
Jim McKenna-A synthesizer performer since 1973 and now owner of Singing Cat Services synthesizer restore & repair services ( will be performing a selection of improvised and original music on a variation of analog synthesizers.The original compositions span the years 1975 to 2009 and, where possible, are performed on the instruments that were available at the time including the 1975 Oberheim TVS-1a and 1977 Moog Multimoog. Jim is also a member of Superscientists multimedia performance group since 2003 with Dr.Aire & Santa KHaoS (, and has performed with many groups over the last 35 years including the Scottish-based electro-acoustic group Soundstrata, Space-Rock group The Idle Threats, dance outfits Zoneheim and Viva and The Mark Pekaski Bolshoi Percussion Group in 1991.

2nd Conservatory Extension
2nd conservatory extension is Phil Lee - Soundist, Kyle Martyn-Clark - Sounder.
Agitated algorithms and various textured blasts pumped through wires then ejected as
audio bliss.

1.21 Gigawatts
1.21 Gigawatts are an indie rock band from Preston, Lancashire. They write pop songs with sick riffs and awesome licks. They do not believe in ghosts. 1.21 Gigawatts sing songs about sport as a metaphor for life and vice versa and versa vice. They have an opinion on North Korea. Their dress code is strictly smart-casual. I rest my case.They can be found on the internet at

Jamie Grier
Jamie works in Glasgow as a musician, sound engineer and techncian. He’s made music with Park Attack and founded the Green Door community recording studio with some friends, currently working on a new Simplon EP for Mathematics (Chicago) and new band Crises.

Dave Peron & The Bistro Band
"Dave Peron is an asshole & The Bistro Band play like they couldn't give a damn. It's been 10 years since they played Glasgow: see them and you'll understand why. If you love poetry, jazz & improvisation: go somewhere else".

Jen Sykes
Jen Sykes is an artist born in West Yorkshire. After studying in Glasgow she decided to just stay here. Pianos have a part in her work on several occasions including a game of PianoTableTennis but more often than not she can just be found in the corner of someone's living room banging the keys. 

Graeme Ronald (Remember Remember)
Remember Remember, (AKA multi-instrumentalist Graeme Ronald), is the latest signing to Mogwai's Rock Action Records. Based in Glasgow, in 2008 he, alongside, saxophonist James Swinburne, violinist Joan Sweeney and various other collaborators released the self-titled debut Remember Remember album. A kaleidoscope of sonic textures taking in Krautrock, drone, modern classical, found sound collage, primitive techno, gushing melodies and free noise, the debut album met with glowing praise from such disparate sources as experimental music blogs and the NME. A new EP is due out on Rock Action later this year, with a second album soon to follow.

A Remember Remember live show can be Graeme alone with a loopstation, a guitar and a box of toys, an eleven piece quasi-classical ensemble and various permutations in between. Expect layers of echoing guitars, bubble wrap bio-rhythms, chamber-pop flourishes and perhaps a musical shark.


Films and Art
Saturday and Sunday

Acidraft is the collaborative pseudonym of artists Robbie Thomson and ACD Ferguson. A joint interest in kinetic sculpture, lighting design, theatre and installation have led the pair to create a diverse body of work. Past projects have included the creation of oversized dot matrix displays and robotic lighting features for Death Disco at the Arches and "King Kahuna's Totally Gnarly Wipeout" - a radio controlled, surf music inspired comedy performance for National Theatre of Scotland's Allotment programme.
More information at

Judd Brucke
Judd Brucke has been integral to such productions as: 'The Secret Agent'(2008); 'Orzel'(2009); and 'Vestiges Park'(2010).
For 'A Sonic Soak' he will be screening the short film he shot in Vestiges: 'How Three Ingenuous Animals Met Azoth'.
Brucke is originally from Toronto and is a member of 85A.

Sarah Milne. Textile Artist/Designer.
Interested in defining and challenging preconceived ideals of beauty and the body, recycled fabrics and found objects have been used to create experimental body pieces, highlighting provocative areas with unusual textures and delicate sound elements.

Simon Yuil
Simon is a Glasgow based artist and currently has a show at the CCA.

'Given To The People' is a film telling the story of the Pollok Free State. The Free State was initiated by the actions of local resident, Colin Macleod, who began a tree top protest against the building of the M77 motorway through Pollok Park in the early 1990s. Over several years this grew into a series of camps across Pollok. It sought not only to block an unwanted motorway cutting through one of Europe's largest inner city public commons, land that had been gifted to the people of Glasgow, but also raised issues over the rights of local people to determine the use and development of public space - rights that many felt were being denied.


Alan Stanners and August Krogan Roly
Glasgow painters carpet a pool.