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THE PHANTOMIME   Stereo (Glasgow) 16th-17th Dec 2011

To celebrate the coming Birthday Of The Unconquered Sun, Yule and Saturnalic Merryments…
‘A Phestive Phantomime’ is the hugely anticipated two-day Xmas festival down in the depths of Stereo from your loving folks The Phantom Band –featuring la crème of Glasgow’s music scene- as presents for all the good l’il gig-goers this holiday season. And the creatively precocious 85A collective, for your pleasure as it’s rumored, will be transforming the venue into an old, burnt down and haunted Victorian theatre replete with proscenium arches, ghostly ushers, and unleashing none other than the antithesis of Saint Nicholas himself… the twisted devil of Christmas: Krampus!
And when Mrs. Wickerbosom summons up the spirit of Los Phantos, repeat to yourself: “Oh, God Oblivion! Oh, God Oblivion! Oh, God Oblivion…!!”

FRIDAY 16th:
The Phantom Band
Holy Mountain
Muscles Of Joy
Tut Vu Vu
Pabs “Paul Thomson” Debussy
Los Phantos

The Phantom Band
Take A Worm For A Walk Week
Jacob Yates And The Pearly Gate Lockpickers
Torsten Lauschmann
Bobby Cleaver (Numbers)
Los Phantos



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