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Glasgow sound/art/performance collective   Chernozem Premiere+Maskerrade>>

The Crusher  
19-27 July 2012 - 12-8pm  


Secret Garden Party festival

85A's clan of Mu Mu have been bunkered down in The Secret Garden Party field since the previous year, weathering winter in the post-festival wasteland of torn tents and congealing hot-dog buns. From these remnants they have offered up sacrifices to the great lord Master Mu Mu, but the empty tins of beans, shredded condoms and forgotten socks have failed to appease his wrath. In these days of desperation, a prophecy did predict the revelers’ Halcyon return, a weekend of bountiful plenty where thousands will once again descend and make sacrifices to Master Mu Mu. Sacrifice... or be sacrificed!


Being sacrificed to the great Lord Mu Mu was my most satisfying and soul-cleansing experiences of SGP this year! Long may the great lord reign on Planet Mu Mu, on Planet Earth, and further afield!!!!

Kevlad Molloy